Each of our designs are tailored to the individual and our aim is to create beautiful outside spaces that work in harmony with our client's lifestyles and enhance their homes to form a strong and seamless relationship between the interior and exterior.


Pots/Planters/Window Boxes

Such elements will bring an instant source of decoration to various areas around your house and garden including patio areas, balconies, entrance doors and windowsills.

Bespoke Fencing & Trellis

Trellis and fencing work acts as a backdrop to the garden and so therefore important, we are able to suggest various styles and materials and help you choose the right match for your garden.

Exterior Furniture & Features

We work hard to source furniture and decorative elements that will make your garden individual to your style. In the past we have also worked with out clients to design unique and original structural and vocal pieces within the garden such as water features, pergolas and outdoor buildings.